There is a sad and all too familiar issue that every garage using person has faced. Over the past 50 years the garage has transformed into many things other than the simple place to park your car. To the average person the garage has become the storage epicenter for surplus belongings, bicycles, tools, yard equipment, chemicals to clean your house and pool, congregation space commonly known as a man cave, and in some cultures, cooking. The problem that 99% of these garages face is poor-to-no ventilation, a condition at WindeeVent we like to call “a-stuffy-garage”.

The common solution is raise the garage door to let the heat and odors escape. You see it in every neighborhood. Garages with doors cracked all day giving access to bugs, critters and thieves. Consequently, leading to another set of symptoms called “surplus-bugs-among-us” and “please, come-steal-my-stuff”.

That’s why we created the WindeeVent. Our patent protected product is the only after-market adjustable vent with a mesh screen that is designed to fit directly into standard garage door profiles. The WindeeVent opens and closes to allow passive air flow into the garage. Originally designed and patented to simply let heat escape, we have found that our WindeeVent has many other benefits such as lowering utility costs in hot summer months, reducing arbon monoxide buildup from engines and increasing longevity of appliances stored in the garage.

The WindeeVent allows circulation of air without having to raise garage doors. This simple concept produces many benefits that make the WindeeVent arguably the best new garage door product.

  • Reduces Heat in the garage. Attached garages are usually unfinished and share a common interior wall that retains heat. Most of these garages are un-insulated allowing heat to enter the house. Consequently, the heat from the garage makes AC units work continuously to maintain cooler temperatures. WindeeVents create an opening in the garage for heat to escape, therefore minimizing heat entering the house and allowing mechanical units to work efficiently. DECREASE HEAT = REDUCE ENERGY BILLS.
  • Reduces Carbon Monoxide released from vehicles from entering the house. There is a real and deadly issue with Carbon Monoxide buildup in Garages where engines are running. Whether warming up your vehicle before work on a cold day, or forgetting to turn off your quiet push start car, CO buildup in a low ventilated area is deadly. DECREASE CARBON MONOXIDE = INCREASE LIFE
  • Reduce Odors and Gases in the garage. The garage has become a catch all for anything we don’t want to store in the house. Annoying odors from vehicles, gas cans, yard and gardening equipment, chemicals to clean the house and pool, trash, and mildew all contribute to a smelly garage. The gases released can increase the rate at which metal components (appliances, tools, bikes, door hardware, etc) rust. The WindeeVent creates an opening in the garage door to improve air circulation, thereby reducing these odors/gases and increasing the lifespan of many products, including that extra refrigerator you keep in the garage. REDUCE GASES = INCREASE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality.  Indoor Air Quality has become an increasing concern in last half century.   It has become so important that the US Green Building Council has created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program.  LEED is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification.  Including WindeeVents in the overall design, may help earn points under Indoor Evironmental Quality, EQ Credit 2: Increased Ventilation.  Although, the WindeeVent is in NO way endorsed by the USGBC or the City of Houston, the Green Building Resource Center in the City of Houston Permitting Department has given WindeeVent permission to place a permanent display in the green friendly product display area.


  • Adjustable settings for inclement weather.
  • Mesh Screen keeps the bugs out.
  • Designed to fit into standard garage door panels.
  • Designed to resist forcible intrusion.
  • Made of High Quality Aluminum with powder coat finish (white & almond).
  • Ready for custom paint.
  • May help achieve LEED Certification.
  • Does not use any electricity.
  • Back Plate Design and extra long carriage bolts allows WindeeVent to be installed in other door styles and directly into metal panels of pre-engineered metal buildings.

Our Team

Clint Partridge

General Manager

David Lawrence

Marketing Manager

  • A Brief History of WindeeVent

  • July 2001

    A truly inspired event...

    The idea for the WindeeVent stems from divine inspiration. Distracted by the sweat forming on his forehead while praying in a closed garage during the heat of a humid Houston summer, inventor Raymond Ardoin, was asking God for help to improve his financial situation. At that exact moment, Raymond looked over to the garage door, wondering why it didn’t have vents.

  • 2002


  • November 2002

    Patent Filed

  • Apr 6, 2004

    Patent Received

    WindeeVent was awarded US patent #6,715,527 B2.

  • 2013

    Launch of WindeeVent Inc.

  • Early 2014

    Educating Consumers

    Going to trade shows, getting the word out, educating the public that there is, indeed, a solution to their garage heat problem.

  • 2014

    WindeeVent in stores and available online.

    After much work and testing, WindeeVent is now available to the general public. Look for them in a store near you or order online now!