Why do I need to ventilate my garage?

The garage is the most over looked and under built room in most residential construction; typically, left unfinished and uninsulated with little-to-no ventilation.  Although this may have been acceptable in the early days when garages where used primarily for vehicle storage, the garage has transformed into additional living space and a place to store anything you don’t want in your house.  Heat, toxic fumes, odors and mildew are a common occurrence in many garages as most are not properly ventilated.  The WindeeVent is solving this issue in a simple and efficient way by creating an opening to allow fresh air to enter and exit the garage.

I live in the North, why do I need a WindeeVent?

Practice safe ventilation!  Even cold garages need ventilation, especially on those cold mornings when you warm up your vehicle before heading off to work.  Hopefully, this is done with the garage door open.   However, when it’s time to go, the garage door is closed before the carbon monoxide from the exhaust can be completely released.  Having an opening in the garage helps reduce carbon monoxide from entering the house through the unfinished walls and cracks in the door.   Check out the article on Carbon Monoxide in our blog.

What happens when it rains?

The WindeeVent is designed with an adjustable crank that allows the vent to open and close.  During inclement weather the vents can be closed to minimize water from entering.   Most garage doors are not weather tight, so horizontal rain may still enter from the sides of the door.  In some flood plane areas, vents are required to let water escape after heavy rains flood the garage.

What else can WindeeVents be used for?

Although originally designed for garage doors, the patented backplate creates additional applications for the WindeeVent.  The WindeeVent can be installed in many other door styles, pre-engineered metal buildings and walls.  Essentially anywhere ventilation is needed.  The only limitation is your creativity!

Can a WindeeVent be painted?

Yes.  The WindeeVent is built of high quality aluminum with a powder coat finish that is custom paint ready.  We stock two colors, white and almond, which covers 75% of the standard garage door profiles.  We recommend painting the vent to match the garage door color, especially if your house is part of an HOA.

What about bugs?

We thought of that too!  What makes WindeeVent unique is the mesh screen fastened to the back of the vent.  The mesh screen keeps bugs and critters from entering and allows you to ventilate your garage 24/7 without ever having to raise the garage door.

Does the vent open and close automatically?

No.  We tossed around the idea of wiring the WindeeVent to open and close with a push of a button.  However, our goal was to create a simple, efficient and economical solution.  Adding an electrical component  increases costs and requires additional materials and labor.  Also, it creates an additional opportunity for something to go wrong.  Ever have a garage door motor go out?

What about thieves?

The WindeeVent is designed with carriage bolts that can not be loosened from the outside.

Are these easy to install?

We recommend the vents be installed by a professional who is experienced in cutting sheet metal.  With the proper tools and experience, a vent can be installed in 30 minutes or less.  Check out our Installation Video.

How many do I need to install in my garage?

The WindeeVent System in sold in pairs, allowing you to install a vent on either side of the garage.   We recommend one set per door.  More vents create better ventilation, but most garages can get away with one set.

How much do they cost?

The WindeeVent System is sold in a set for $148.00.  Shipping is included in the continental United States.

Where can I get a set of WindeeVents?

Currently, the vents can be bought on our website.  Click the BUY NOW button at the top or bottom of this page.  We encourage you to ask you local garage door company if they stock the WindeeVent, as they may also provide professional installation.  Also, look for us at your local big box construction retailer, some have shown interest in selling our vents!

Will I save money on utility costs?

The WindeeVent may reduce your utility bill during a hot summer.  Because of variables such as geography and door position, WindeeVent can not claim that the vent will reduce your bill.  However, homeowners with attached garages in the southern states have seen a reduction in utility cost after installing a set.

Can I re-use the vents?

Yes.  If you currently have WindeeVents installed and are getting a new door, have your garage door company remove your vents from the old door and install into the new one.

Practice Safe Pet Ownership…NEVER LEAVE PETS IN YOUR GARAGE…even if you have a WindeeVent system installed!