In addition to the many benefits of the Windee Vent System, it is also very easy to install. With the proper tools, the two vents can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. The system consists of two louvered vents, mounting hardware, sealant tape and a back plate that doubles as a template for cutting the opening in the garage door.

Please note measurements before installation: 17 ½ x 12 ¼ outside external | 15 ¼ x 9 ¾ hole size | 2 ½ deep

Tools List (Not Included)

  • Drill
  • 1/4″ Drill Bit
  • Metal Cutting Tool (dremel shears, snips)
  • Wrench (10mm socket)
  • Level
  • Pencil

Parts List (Included)

  • 2 mechanical louvers
  • 2 sets of mounting hardware (10 bolts, 10 nuts)
  • 2 rolls sealant tape
  • 2 back plates / cutting templates

Installation Instructions

Note: Always use proper safety gear.
Note: Do not operate the garage door at any time during installation.

  1. Select locations to install vents.
    Note: It recommended that vents be installed opposite of each other, ie, the top left side and bottom right side.
  2. Position and level template / back plate at the install location.
    Note: It is important to ensure back plate is level before cutting.
  3. Mark bolt locations and trace the inside of the leveled template.
  4. Drill holes for bolts.
  5. Cut along the traced template line.
    Note: If using snips, drill a hole on traced line for a starting location.
  6. Apply sealant tape to back of vent.
    Note: Remove adhesion cover on both sides before inserting bolts. Making an incision through the tape after applying to the back of the vent will help bolts punch through tape.
  7. Insert all bolts through holes on the vent.
  8. Insert vent and all bolts through garage door and press unit firmly to allow tape to bond with door.
    Note: For maximum adhesion, the surface must be clean.
  9. From inside the garage, line up back plate through bolts, attach nuts and tighten to secure vent.
  10. Enjoy your new Windee Vent System.

Certified Installers

While installing WindeeVent is a great DIY project, if you would like to have someone to install the product for you, we have a list of certified installers below for your convenience.